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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  July 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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much just scattered very light rain. now through parts of upper montgomery and berks county near pottstown, we are still seeing light rain here. this will continue to move through the area right across 176 just south of reading in berks county. again, for tonight, we are going to keep the shower chance in the forecast but if we go into your fourth of july weekend, we will have more rain chances moving in. i'm showing you the big picture now because this whole unsettled weather pattern that we have been talking about over the past few days is just going to sit to our south over the weekend and what it's going to do is increase our rain chances again come saturday. take a look at future weather. we go into your friday now, the clouds are still hanging around we still have a chance of showers tomorrow but for saturday, we start to see some of that rain get a little closer starting off your fourth of july weekend so we are going to keep that rain in the forecast. coming up, i will show you a closer look at the timing of it and what you can expect if you're heading to the poconos or the shore. we all know how bad holiday traffic can be. here's a live look at traffic on
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i-95 in south philadelphia. definitely building as we get closer and closer to this holiday weekend. the delaware beaches will be a popular destination this weekend. >> let's check in with nbc 10's delaware bureau reporter tim furlong. have you noticed more drivers on the roads? >> reporter: i have. [ no audio ] >> this is when you know it's holiday time. everyone comes out. >> reporter: it's a three-day holiday weekend starting a day early for many people. the trip advisor survey says 36% of philly area residents plan to travel for the holiday, 24% plan to take extra time and some of those are leaving today. looks like many already have. >> it started to pick up a lot more than it was. >> despite the rain and the overcast it's been steady so far. >> reporter: in delaware almost 70,000 drivers will pass through the tolls on state route 1, the main road to the beaches. that number is up from last year. why? cheaper gas could be one answer.
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aaa says the statewide average is $2.67 per gallon the lowest since 2010 and almost a full dollar cheaper than this time last year. smyrna gas stations have the cheapest in the entire state. wherever you are going, pack a big duffel bag full of patience. it's already busy out there. >> when we pulled into the rest stops, you can see all the cars. this is not normal. >> reporter: i got cut off there a little before that story aired. i can tell you people have asked me what's the busiest time to go to the beaches. it's right now until 10:00, according to del-dot. saturday morning between 9:00 and 11:00 will be bad as well. this is route 1 heading southbound which brings me to more bad news. on sunday when everybody comes back, it will be this bad just headed absolutely north. i will probably be sitting in it with my family so honk if you see me, say hi. take it easy on the roads. it is very slow. pack that patience.
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tim furlong, nbc 10 news. some crowds got down to the jersey shore early. people hoping to be on the beach had to find cover because it rained much of the day. some decided to hit the movies or shops instead. several towns along the shore have fireworks, concerts and parades planned this weekend. businesses are stocked up and ready to go. want to tell you about a whole spectrum of free events this fourth of july weekend in and around the philadelphia area. some of the more unusual ones include that pogo stick jumping you just saw, that was a competition near the art museum in an attempt to set a world record. plan for the weekend with our nbc 10 app. download it for free to get a fireworks gallery and fourth of july forecast sent to your smart phone. we have new information on a drowning in a gloucester county area. today, police recovered the body of the teenaged victim in waters
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off jackson road in monroe township. police say he was swimming with four others yesterday and wasn't able to make it to shore. investigators have not released the victim's name. forget any chance to privatize liquor sales in p.a. the governor vetoed a bill to take control out of the hands of the state, saying selling off the liquor system is not a good business decision. he says he does support selling wine and beer at more locations including supermarkets. he also vetoed a public school bill that contained a new formula to distribute state aid to districts. the governor has not said whether he plans to sign a bill that would make major changes to the pension plans for teachers and state workers. cigarette butts are translating into serious bucks for schools. a new report shows new tax revenues have provided the school district with $146 million in the first year. $45 million of that comes from the $2 a pack cigarette tax
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which went into effect [ inaudible ]. the 1% sales tax extension generated the other $101 million. that took effect last september as well as a way to generate school funding. happening now, let's take a live look at center city where there's a march to protest haitians being deported from the dominican republic. it has another hour to go. something to keep in mind if you are heading to center city. still waiting for an update on how a child is doing after he fell out of a window today. sky force 10 was over the home in west kensington as police were investigating. they tell us the 6-year-old boy fell out of a second story window around 11:00 this morning. he was taken to st. christopher's hospital for children for a possible fractured hip and arm. gunfire erupts after an argument at an intersection in camden. police tell us a woman's car was blocking south 27th street this morning and that led to an argument between the woman and someone in another car. police say the drivers in both
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cars shot each other. the woman was hit in the neck. she's in critical condition. the other driver's in stable condition. power crews in new castle county worked to restore power to hundreds of homes and businesses today after a crash. a waste management truck ran into some power lines on marsh road in wilmington. those wires then fell on to a tractor trailer. a witness tells us that trash truck's front end loader was still in the air when it crashed. no one was hurt. more than 250 bags of heroin, that's what police say a 22-year-old new castle county man was caught with. police arrested tyree robinson tuesday after a traffic stop saying when they pulled him over he jumped out of the car and ran. police say they saw him throw those bags of heroin under a parked car. robinson is charged with possession and intent to distribute. he is free on bail tonight. the coast guard station in atlantic city has a new commanding officer this afternoon. nbc 10 at the command change
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ceremony this morning. captain of the delaware bay coast guard sector spoke about the importance of the men and women who serve along the shore. the outgoing commanding officer is moving up to the coast guard's headquarters. lieutenant johnson just arrived and tells us he's excited to lead the team in atlantic city. >> only been here a couple weeks but really enjoying my time. we're happy to be here to help keep the community safe and get out on the waters and meet the public. >> johnson took command of the station after serving in hampton roads, virginia. he will serve for three years. coming up on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" why yard sales are causing trouble in one lehigh valley community. plus a message from nascar. what the sport is doing about fans who bring the confederate flag to its races. and an uphill battle. why chris christie still has to win over a lot of voters and why a majority in new jersey thinks he should actually resign. first, some fireworks displays tonight. princeton will stage its show at 9:00. see them at princeton
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university. also penns landing, after the philadelphia orchestra's free concert. and the xfinity fireworks show at citizens bank park after tonight's game.
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here are some of the stories
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making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." first, a train car carrying toxic material derailed and caught fire in eastern tennessee. that chased 5,000 people from their homes. the materials on the csx rail car are used to make plastics and are considered hazardous. there's an evacuation order in place at least until tomorrow. leave your confederate flag at home. that request today from every racetrack across the country that hosts a nascar national series race including dover international speedway and pocono raceway. nascar's chairman says the flag is a symbol he personally finds offensive. this weekend at daytona there will be a voluntary flag exchange program. fans can swap any flag of their choice for an american flag. the federal government will monitor wild birds more closely this fall for any signs of viruses. the goal is to provide an early warning if there is a resurgence of the disease that devastated chicken farms in the upper midwest. federal and state biologists will collect samples from 41,000
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healthy wild birds from various parts of the country. no cases of bird flu have been confirmed in pennsylvania new jersey or delaware but an outbreak could have a devastating impact. the poultry and egg industry is responsible for $13 billion in economic activity throughout pennsylvania. in delaware poultry is a $4.6 billion industry with about 14,000 related jobs. the u.s. secretary of commerce came to visit philadelphia's world class port today. a key member of the president's economic team came to the port of philadelphia to talk about new trade opportunities. she is pushing the president's trans-pacific partnership deal a massive free trade agreement that the commerce secretary says will bring new jobs to p.a. >> in doing so they will create economic opportunities and growth here at home and good paying american jobs. building upon the success of exports over the last several decades. >> the pennsylvania export
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business supported 191,000 jobs last year. residents in one lehigh county town say there are way too many yard sales in their neighborhoods. >> new restrictions may be put into place due to the number of sales the homeowner can have. right now the issue is before the board of commissioners in south whitehall township. the township's manager says some residents are abusing yard sales, having them too often and creating too much congestion. the board is considering limiting the number of yard sales to four per quarter per household. the measure also includes limiting yard sales to daytime hours. they will vote on the measure later this month. well today rainy day, especially in south jersey or delaware. we still do have some showers around for the rest of this evening. if you are heading out for your holiday weekend plans, you might run into a couple showers but it's all pretty light. weekend rain chances are still
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going to stay in the forecast and the big question with that is going to be if it clears out for fireworks time. i will show you the timing in just a minute. now we are at 77 in allentown, mid 70s reading, pottstown, philadelphia wilmington. some areas in south jersey that had heavy rain earlier today, you are in the upper 60s. 59 millville. 68 in atlantic city. locally, we are pretty gloomy across the area still. no sunshine. we have pretty much overcast skies for most of the region. live look at the ben franklin bridge where we are seeing a few light showers in the vicinity. if you are not seeing light rain you could be seeing a few sprinkles. heavy rain is far offshore but we still have a few scattered very light showers through atlantic county down through cape may county moving into parts of cumberland county. upper montgomery county if you are traveling in these areas, you may run into this especially across 76 around new morgan. pottstown seeing light rain too. that's really all we have right now. rain chance will stay up as we go into part of your weekend,
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though, with this unsettled weather pattern in place. basically we have a cold front to the south. it will be stalling as we go across the weekend and what happens with that means we are going to keep the clouds and the rain in the forecast and across saturday, some of that will be trying to move up to the north. here's what future weather is showing for tonight. a few light showers still in the evening forecast. clouds will stick around. tomorrow, i really don't think it will be a bad day. slight chance of a shower tomorrow afternoon but overall we will be on the drier side. mix of sun and clouds. then we go into saturday watch what happens. more cloud cover moves in showers just to our south by saturday morning which could easily move a little farther to the north and by saturday afternoon, we have a pretty fair chance for a scattered shower across the area or even isolated thunderstorms. that's going to stay in the forecast saturday afternoon. saturday night we are not going to completely clear out just yet. so far, it does look like we could have a slight chance in the forecast. best chance will be south of philadelphia. by sunday, we will start to see
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more sunshine developing. drier air finally starts to move in from the north on sunday so it looks like the best day out of the weekend right now. for friday tomorrow in the poconos we are looking at partly cloudy skies, mid 70s. saturday, slight chance of a shower, more cloud cover, low 70s. as we go into sunday, that's when we will see more sunshine especially areas north, upper 70s for the poconos. for tonight, mostly cloudy skies, isolated showers still in the forecast. mid 60s philadelphia upper 50s north and west. tomorrow, mix of clouds and a little sunshine but we still have the chance for a stray shower around. temperatures around 80 degrees. i don't think we will see heavy rain tomorrow but then we go into saturday and i think the shower chances will start to increase. by sunday more sunshine and temperatures warm up too. notice they are warming from saturday to sunday mid 80s, then to upper 80s on monday. coming up i will show you your shore forecast through the weekend as well as the delaware beaches. former virginia senator jim webb announced his presidential
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campaign today. webb joins a field of democrats challenging hillary clinton for the nomination. meanwhile, wisconsin governor scott walker is preparing to join the crowded republican race for president. today he filed the paperwork to announce his candidacy. his official kickoff is expected july 13th. also in decision 2016 the garden state does not support governor chris christie's run for the white house. only 27% of those asked in a new poll say he would make a good president. his approval rating as governor remains at just 36% while 57% of those asked say he should resign as governor since he's now running for president. the majority of the poll believe christie has abandoned his commitment to the state. >> christie announced his bid for the presidency on tuesday. chuck todd from "meet the press" joining us from washington. >> we know bridgegate played a big role in new jersey. we are asking will that affect his campaign outside this area, across the nation? do people care?
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>> well i tell you, those poll numbers are brutal. just brute al. oifblt's obviously it's a reminder politics are tough in the state of new jersey. he was going to have an uphill battle in a republican nomination fight regardless of bridgegate. this is a very conservative republican primary electorate these days and chris christie by comparison is not as conservative as primary voters would like to have. when you throw in bridgegate and how he handled it it is one of those on one hand conservatives might feel some empathy for chris christie because they can claim the media piled on him. but if they can get to the leadership question for him and it's something he has never been able to answer he's either a hands-on guy and knew what was going on or worse, he didn't know what was going on right under his own nose. i think that leadership challenge is what has seeped
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into the national conversation. less about the scandal, more about undercutting what's supposed to be his great strength, that he's kind of a hands-on in your face kind of guy. >> while christie says he tells the truth as he sees it we have heard that time and time again, the latest polls show him with approval ratings in the 30s, the majority of people in new jersey don't believe he has been honest with them. can he overcome that on a national stage? >> look it is not uncommon for a governor to have a skeptical constituency for governors that run for president. i remember when bill clinton was running, arkansas voters were split, he had a high job approval but they didn't think he was presidential material. that's not uncommon. but when you're sitting at 30%, i think it makes it that much harder if he wants to say hey, look at my record look what i've gotten done in new jersey and then it's easy to point to look at what new jersey voters think of your record. >> certainly fodder for many of his opponents and it's a crowded field. chuck todd, thanks for joining us. >> you got it.
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>> don't miss "meest the press" sunday at 10:30. overcharged. tonight, customers of one company are getting an apology. and one man deserves to win the lottery, it's probably this guy. what this retired new york firefighter went through before hitting the jackpot.
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listen to this. over the last five years the transportation security administration paid passengers $3 million. >> the reason claims that airport security screeners broke, lost or stole passengers' luggage or items inside. that's according to a "usa today" investigation. payments ranged from a few dollars for missing food or medicine to several thousand dollars for missing or broken jewelry and electronics. the tsa says the claims are a small fraction of the millions of pieces of baggage its agents screen every day. the ceo of whole foods market apologized today for pricing issues at its stores. in a video on youtube, he said there were mistakes that were unintentional. he said the company will increase training in all of its stores to fix any pricing issues. last week an investigation
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revealed that the natural food grocer routinely overcharged for prepackaged fruits veggies and deli meats. you will no longer be able to enter the common areas of granite run mall in delaware county. the 41-year-old shopping center officially closed its doors yesterday. however, its two anchor stores will reportedly continue to be open for business. the entire property is set to be demolished later this year to make way for a $20 million redevelopment project. to this now. a scare at the washington navy yard today showed just how tense the security situation is leading into this big holiday weekend. >> what authorities are doing nationwide as isis calls for attacks on america this fourth of july. we are watching for a few showers if you are heading out for travel this holiday weekend. also coming up some rain in your weekend forecast. i will show you the timing next.
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cookouts pool parties, the exodus has begun. this is a live look at traffic on i-95 in south philadelphia. you can see the volume building but not horrible. people hitting the road for the holiday weekend. >> let's take a look at the beaches in cape may. it's not crowded there right now but a lot of people will be
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heading to the shore for the holiday, of course. we did find out out on jet skis and eating lunch by the schuykill in riverfront park. meteorologist sheena parveen is keeping an eye on the forecast for your all-important fourth of july plans. >> water at the beaches is good but we would like to keep it off the radar. >> the ocean is pretty good but sky condition not so great to be on the beaches. rain is going to stay in your holiday forecast. right now the heavy rain has left so if you are doing any traveling tonight, i don't think you will hit any heavy rain. maybe very light showers or sprinkles. we have some through atlantic county cape may, cumberland county, a few light showers through parts of delaware and some more moderate rain showers right near lower salford heading into bucks county across 476, also near limerick and upper montgomery county. we will keep our eye on the showers for tonight but i don't think we will see anything very heavy. live look across center city liberty one and two, it is still
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overcast skies. we expect that as we go through the rest of this evening. the weather pattern in place is going to be fairly unsettled through the weekend. the rain chances are going to stay up especially as we go into part of your saturday unfortunately. for tonight, if tonight is the start of your holiday weekend, by 6:00 p.m., we will still be in the mid 70s so a little cool across the area with a chance for showers. still by 8:00 tonight. by 10:00, temperatures in the low 70s. going into your friday we have decent conditions in the forecast but again, the rain chances start to return for saturday. i will show you the timing as well as your shore forecast coming up. a major scare today in the nation's capital. employees at the washington navy yard were ordered to take shelter from an active shooter. >> that raised concern even higher in washington where there's worry about a fourth of july terrorist attack. nbc 10 national reporter steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: with washington already on alert, there was a huge police response to the navy
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yard. an employee thought she heard a gunshot and workers took shelter again. in 2013 gunman aaron alexis killed 12 people at the base. today it was a false alarm. >> there was no criminal act here no shots fired. >> reporter: how does increased concern about independence day, july fourth terrorism, affect this response? >> we take every event here in washington very seriously. our posture remains extremely high for all special events and it will continue for the fourth. >> reporter: using social media, isis is urging holiday attacks in the u.s. chicago police are on heightened alert like the nypd. the white house fence is fortified. d.c. is full of tourists. >> there's a ton of police. i don't know, i feel safe. i haven't thought anything about security issues. >> reporter: the fbi has arrested at least ten people suspected of plotting attacks but longer term coalition nations crushing isis in syria would demoralize its followers and lessen the threat from lone wolf attackers, says the former secretary of homeland security.
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>> eliminate it no. but they may be less enthusiastic, less encliendinclined to join a losing cause. >> reporter: authorities here and across america insist it will be safe to enjoy the holiday in public. i'm steve handelsman nbc news washington. philadelphia city leaders say a program to find housing for our nation's veterans is succeeding in a big way. the program has found housing for more than 1,000 formerly homeless veterans a 90% decrease in the number of veterans on the streets in less than two years. the city's goal was to end homelessness by veterans day of this year. the first lending library, the first hospital and the first university. the city of philadelphia's history is rich with innovation. new exhibit unveiled at the philadelphia international airport celebrates the city's firsts. part of the wawa welcome america festival, the collection of photographs is located in
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terminal a for ticketed passengers only. >> we just have to get a little more comfortable quite frankly with bragging about our city loving our city. yes, we have our challenges like any other big city but we are the city. where it really all started. >> the exhibit will be on display through june of next year. speaking of firsts a lot of them for a group of students in camden county today. nbc 10 in gloucester township for this camp. counselors spent the day teaching young people with disabilities how to ride a bicycle. look at them go. they are doing great. the goal of the camp is to help kids build confidence and self-reliance on the bicycle and also in other parts of their lives. doing great there. >> really well. i like that. a retired new york city firefighter and 9/11 responder is now a multi-millionaire. >> all thanks to a lucky scratch-off ticket. we were there as he came forward to claim that prize. >> congratulations, carmelo.
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>> reporter: he's a retired new york city firefighter, a 9/11 hero and now he's a $5 million lottery winner. >> i feel like jackie gleason. that's a lot of money. >> reporter: when the 63-year-old father of four scratched off the winning numbers on his new cash times 100 ticket he thought he needed his glasses. >> holy mackerel that looks like five million. >> reporter: as a former member of battalion 49 he was one of the first to respond to ground zero. but was forced to retire after suffering 9/11 related illnesses. >> most important, i can't get insurance because of the ailments so if something happens to me my family gets the money. >> it's great. i worked with him for over ten years. he's a very generous guy. it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. >> reporter: he bought the winning ticket here at jolly 100 on queens boulevard. employees here say the big win is big for business. >> people gambling more people think they're winning. >> reporter: after taxes,
5:34 pm
carmelo walks away with a lump sum of more than $3 million. enough for a disney vacation home and just a few dolls for his 10-year-old daughter. >> my daughter asked me does that mean i can get one american girl doll? i told her how about ten? we'll get ten. >> so nice. from parades to concerts to fireworks, wawa welcome america is helping you celebrate the holiday weekend. >> nbc 10 photojournalist bruce ryan shows us how organizers are getting everything ready. >> happy fourth of july! >> wawa hoegie day, part of the welcome america festival. it's an exciting day. we had hundreds of associates wake up this morning very early to begin building a five ton hoagie. >> free hoagies to celebrate the fourth of july what better thing. philadelphia tastykakes wawa, birth of our country. come on.
5:35 pm
>> we have the liberty bell from the uso. we also have audra mcloughlin from "the voice." most importantly we will honor our local and national heroes. that's what hoagie day is about and the july fourth time frame, there's no better time to give thanks to those who serve our country and who serve our community. >> this is the best party in the world, right? city of brotherly love? every bit of entertainment that you can have, great. >> happy fourth of july! >> saturday fabulous entertainment. wawa welcome america continues. parade kicks off at 11:00 in old historic philadelphia followed by the party on the parkway. wawa will be there with thousands of beverages to give away. there is all kinds of entertainment and fun and it precedes america's largest concert and fireworks which will start around 7:00 7:30 that evening. >> you got to make it a tradition. you live in the area, you got to
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be down here. >> for a full list of events from wawa welcome america, check out the nbc 10 news app. if you need help in the water, you want it quickly. where lifeguards are using drones to save struggling swimmers. plus caught on video. a driver in the lehigh valley got a front row seat to one man's arrest. what that suspect is accused of doing and the damage he allegedly caused along the way. first, a look at fourth of july fireworks saturday night in the lehigh valley.
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lehigh county man is facing his third set of dui charges after a wild ride sunday with a child in his truck. this is viewer video of the arrest along old post road in washington township. police say edward clark jr. hit several mailboxes and a utility pole and then just kept driving. a 10-year-old boy was inside his truck. when police finally stopped him, the man refused to take sobriety tests and was taken in for a blood test. you can see from these photos the damage to the front of his truck from the earlier crashes. clark is charged with dui and endangering the welfare of a child. this is his third arrest since january. next at 5:00 ranking the top beaches in new jersey and
5:40 pm
will those beaches stay dry for your holiday weekend? that's the big question. we do have rain in the forecast for part of your holiday weekend. coming up, i will show you the timing of the rain and what you can expect if you are heading to the shore. also a00 at 6:00 new developments in the criminal case against the owners of a popular pizza chain.
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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nbc 10 at the philadelphia zoo. overcast skies made it feel cooler outside today. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen will have the forecast coming up. makes me want to do my goat imitation. i will leave that for another
5:43 pm
time. >> i have never heard that. >> maybe in the newsroom. ocean city once again the most popular beach in new jersey according to a poll out today. >> it wins top honors for the second year in a row. this is video from the music pier on ocean city's boardwalk. the winners were revealed there today. ocean city also won the title in 2009. other cape may county beaches dominated the top spots on the list. >> we're just so happy. it just shows that ocean city is a location with loyal guests and visitors that really enjoy that tradition and they pass it from one generation to another. >> here's another look at the other beaches rounding out the top five. wildwood crest, wildwood sea isle city north wildwood. find the list on our website, the beach going to be a hot spot this fourth of july weekend. >> lifeguards will be on high alert. on one south florida beach, they will have some help if they need to save a life. that help comes by the way of drones. when a swimmer is in trouble, a
5:44 pm
lifeguard races to the rescue. every second counts. in a fraction of the time it takes a lifeguard to reach a vicktim a drone can carry a life ring and drop it precisely where needed. >> it takes one rescue to say this works. >> absolutely. we see potential in this. >> last year, beach attendance was at an all time high. rescuers are looking for anything to help save lives. the fourth as we know means fireworks. >> but in the wrong hands, they can really be dangerous, even deadly. our sister station in new york has this word of warning. >> reporter: we stood more than a football field away. and watched a fiery explosion inside the car that blew up, fireworks. from the basic stuff like sparklers and snappers to heavier duty rockets, illegal in new york. >> we do not want to see a day
5:45 pm
of fun turn into a day of tragedy. >> reporter: they backed up their blast with some numbers. >> 230 people every day go to emergency rooms in the united states with fireworks related injuries. >> more than 50% of them are mere children. it's a sobering statistic. >> today's detonation came days after several men got busted in port jefferson for openly selling 65 boxes of fireworks in a stationery store. one cop said it could just as easily blow up in the trunk of your car. >> confined pressure it can create a bad day. >> reporter: in bayshore as vacationers get ready for the long weekend, many told us they are concerned about safety. elaine stern and her family are ready for a celebratory fourth without fireworks. >> if someone is careless who doesn't know how fast houses can go up in flames out there, i worry.
5:46 pm
i like to look at them. i don't like to touch them or light them. >> reporter: makes you nervous. in the end, authorities recommend you keep your kids clear of the sparklers and obey these five simple words. >> let the professionals handle it. >> there are plenty of places you can watch fireworks done by professionals. >> head to for your local displays. how's the weather going to be doing? >> well, at least one of the days out of the weekend we are expecting some showers through the area but in the meantime if you're traveling for tonight we are tracking some rain. most of it's on the lighter side. that's good. if you are going to be driving this evening. otherwise the weekend rain chances are still going to be staying in the forecast. the question is going to be are we going to be dry for fireworks. most of the area may be on the dry side but we still can't rule out a couple showers. in allentown, a cool evening, 77 degrees. 75 philadelphia. still pretty damp outside. 71 glassboro.
5:47 pm
70 dover. millville, 68 degrees. atlantic city one of the spots where we had heavy rain earlier this morning. here's a look across the whole weekend if you are heading outside for your fourth of july weekend which i'm sure many of you are. 86 is the average high temperature. tomorrow we will be seeing highs around 80 degrees. warmer on saturday mid to low 80s. by sunday 86. by monday closer to the upper 80s. so across the weekend, if you happen to have a four day weekend you will be noticing the warming trend. here's a look at the radar. all the heavy rain is well offshore but in parts of south jersey especially along cape may county up to atlantic county we have a few light showers and one shower is trying to move into parts of cumberland county. upper bucks county near buckingham as well. hilltown seeing fairly moderate showers with some lighter showers near lower salford across 476, upper dublin. for the rest of this evening we will keep this same weather pattern in place. over the weekend, what you see here all the clouds and rain
5:48 pm
along with this area where you see the cold front, that's going to be that unsettled weather pattern. this front is basically going to stall to our south and as we go into saturday some of that moisture will try to work its way back up to the north. future weather for tonight, clouds stick around chances of a few showers stays in the forecast. mostly on the light side. tomorrow pretty decent day. we will see a mix of clouds and sun. still the chance for an isolated shower tomorrow through the area but then we go into your saturday. watch the clouds coming back into the forecast. saturday morning we could see a few showers trying to move in from the south. i think the best rain chances will be in delaware and parts of south jersey. by the afternoon saturday we still have a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. by saturday night, notice the weather pattern really doesn't clear up too much so still a chance for a shower. the good news is we end out the week and sunday looks like we will start to see a lot of clouds clearing out and that will give us a little drier conditions as we go into the end of your weekend. that's going to be the best day so far. for the jersey shore and delaware beaches, friday
5:49 pm
tomorrow, chance of a shower. saturday chance of a thunderstorm, mid 70s and by sunday we will be seeing more sunshine and a warmer day. tonight, mostly cloudy isolated showers still in the forecast. 66 for the low in philadelphia, 59 north and west. tomorrow, mix of clouds and sun, chance of a shower. temperature right around 80 degrees for the high. little below normal this time of year. a bit warmer saturday but the clouds will be here and the chance of a thunderstorm. sunday, i think it looks like the best day so far. mid 80s, more sunshine warmer as we go into monday. this weekend is more than just the fourth of july. it's the 50th anniversary of the lgbt civil rights movement at independence hall. today, there was this wreath laying at the gay pioneers historical marker on sixth and chestnut. this celebration comes on the heels of the supreme court ruling of course legalizing gay marriage in all states. >> i love that everyone came out right before independence day. this is a day we celebrate freedom and that's how i feel
5:50 pm
that this ruling was a bit of freedom and made me feel more like a full american citizen than i had before. >> celebrations continue tonight and through the weekend. putting kids on the right track. >> next we profile a local man who is lending his time and expertise to teach young people about racing and flight. first, a look at the fireworks displays saturday in the suburbs.
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5:53 pm
a reminder and warning today to celebrate the fourth responsibly. police will be out to make sure of it. new jersey state police are stepping up patrols over the holiday weekend, putting an extra 120 troopers on the roads statewide. those troopers are going to be on the lookout for aggressive and drunk drivers, speeders people not wearing their seat belts, even illegal fireworks in the car. as philadelphia's first
5:54 pm
wheelchair accessible taxicab is rolling through city streets this afternoon. the parking authority put the cab into service today. it is a dodge journey van. 11 more will be available in the coming weeks. wheelchair users say it's a good start but there is still a long way to go. >> i can ride this but so can everyone else. i think going forward, that's what we're talking about. we're talking about universal design talking about one single integrated system rather than having separate segregated systems. >> the parking authority hopes to have 150 wheelchair accessible cabs in service by 2021. now to some kids who are learning to build cars before they can even drive. >> a trenton area man is trying to change the lives of children one go-cart at a time. >> reporter: inside these church walls, beyond the seats and the
5:55 pm
scriptures are four wheels. and curiosity. >> keeps me young. keeps me going. >> reporter: bob is easily the oldest kid in the bunch. a few years ago he and a partner decided to share their wisdom for an unconventional sport. >> there's always baseball leagues, football soccer. there's nothing that we know of here that has anything to do with racing. >> reporter: living hope racing school doesn't use books or lectures. just experience and a little elbow grease. >> there's nothing more awesome than winning your first race and then your second race and you keep winning. >> reporter: 15-year-old ari can't think of anyplace he would rather be. >> everyone's like a giant family here.ei ter: especially since the original idea was to take
5:56 pm
kids off the streets of trenton and put them on the right track. >> eight of the participants in this race school have gone off to college that had no plans of ever looking at college. >> reporter: long before they could drive a car. >> it just gives them something to think about for their future. like what they can accomplish when they set their minds to it. >> so great. i love a good go-cart race. right now there are ten students in the program. bob doesn't get paid for teaching the kids. he says it's for the satisfaction of making adifference. for more information, go to coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" the nbc 10 investigators are on the case. it's a scheme to get your money. what you need to know to prevent you from falling for a mortgage scheme that targeted people in our area. you may need your umbrella
5:57 pm
this holiday weekend. i'm tracking showers for tonight and how much rain is in the forecast for your holiday weekend. that's coming up in my first alert forecast. plus an undercover sting lands a local fire captain behind bars. what he's accused of doing next.
5:58 pm
right now at 6:00, the rush to get to the shore and beaches
5:59 pm
well under way this evening. from parades to fireworks we have your holiday plans covered. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. it's going to be another night we are keeping an eye on the radar as the first alert weather team tracks some showers. heading down the jersey shore? a live look from the cape may camera. not too many folks on the beach right now. despite some rain earlier, some people did enjoy the beach. minor flooding in long beach island today. pictures from lbi here. took a few hours for the flood waters to recede. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen is joining us with the forecast. >> we still have rain in the holiday weekend forecast. right now, if you are about to head out, we still have a few light showers on the radar. the heavy rain has left the area but for parts of cape may county and along the shore in atlantic county, light showers around. nothing i think that will cause any major delays. through bucks county we are
6:00 pm
looking at near buckingham warminster, near richland upper montgomery county this is an area where we have a little bit more rain coverage. just take it a little slower on the roadways from the rain we had earlier today. a bigger picture look shows you a lot of cloud cover to the south, a lot of rain to the south. this whole weather pattern is pretty much going to stay into play as we go into the weekend. not much is going to move this and as we go into at least one weekend day, we will see that rain trying to move back up to the north. here's what future weather is showing. friday, tomorrow i don't think it will be that bad of a day but as we go into saturday we start to see more moisture moving up more cloud cover, so for your fourth of july the big question is will we be drying out in time for fireworks. coming up i will show you the timing and we will take a look at your forecast for the weekend from the shore to the poconos. the july fourth weekend really kicks off tomorrow but a lot of events started today. nbc 10's doug shimell


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